Who Is Joe L. Stone?

Joe L. Stone as a young Miami Bass producer in the 1980s

Joe L. Stone He is renowned for bringing techno music to the Americas with his record distribution and licensing company, Hot Productions / Radikal Records; and his productions include classics such as “Sally That Girl” and “Cars With The Boom”  that still receive spins by the likes of Questlove from the Tonight Show.

Joe L. Stone (left) as 2 Live Jew rapper “Easy Erving” with MC Moishe

Joe has hosted and emceed countless comedy shows around the country and performed song and dance numbers with a touring improv troupe in the early 2000s called The Improvisation Foundation. He has recently launched and hosted the successful podcast Felony Miami and has voiced ads for several Fortune 500 campaigns including McDonald’s and Spotify.

His on-camera looks include commercial acting work for the Jacksonville Jaguars in their Florida-wide television ads, and Joe has national dramatic acting credits for syndicated television series like the UPN standout South Beach and as a guest star on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He has even sung on a couple of Billboard Hot 100 chart toppers! Joe is a versatile talent, and he knows his way around any aspect of production to deliver the goods accordingly.

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